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White Pilot Shirts
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Women Pilot Shirts
Women Pilot Shirts
Women Pilot Shirts
Women Pilot Shirts
  • The shirts fit great, thank you!


    Tim H, Pilot - USA
  • The leather jacket came in wonderfully, and i am very pleased. Thank you.

    Matthew S - USA
  • I apologize for the slow response. I have been out on a long rotation and just got home to try the shirts on. I have to say that they couldn't be better, everything seems perfect. Thank you for contacting me to make sure that everything was correct. Your attention to detail helped insure that everything was right.

    Thank you also for getting the shirts done so quickly.

    It is getting wam and will be nice to have the short sleeve shirts.

    It is easy for me to honestly recommend your shirts.

    Donn E, Flexjet - USA
  • You made a man very happy today!   The fit of these shirts is perfect. I have never seen such nice shirts. I will definitely order more shirts soon. Please keep my measurements in your files.

    Besides that I will definitely make recommendations within the Belgian pilot community.

    Feel like a boy getting a new bike;)

    Thank you

    Maarten C, Captain - Belgium
  • The jacket arrived and it's really lovely. Thanks so much,

    I will be ordering a jacket for my girlfriend soon, much better photos on the way :)

    Alexander S - USA
  • I've received the shirts and they fit nicely.

    Thank you so much and I will be ordering from you again in the very near future.

    I will continue to use your service.  Thank you so much.


    Dana C, Pilot - USA
  • Hello

    today the shirts and the braids arrived!

    As you promised already, the shirts are really nice, they fit perfectly and are of a very good quality. I am very satisfied and I can tell you, that you earned yourself a new customer for the future!

    The braids are also very nice, even though the colour is different from the epaulettes, which you sent 2 weeks ago.

    Actually I like the new braids better, because they are a little darker and seem more silver colour. The other epaulettes seem more bright and white.

    Dirk J - Pilot, Italy
  • Hi.

    Was away on a trip but got back on Sunday, arranged delivery on Monday & package arrived on Tuesday.

    All good, very happy.

    Martin W - Pilot, UK
  • My daughter tried on her shirts and they fit wonderfully.

    We received 4 shirts and only ordered 3. Did you have a special of buy 3 get one free?

    I am willing to pay for the other shirt. I do believe we received a light blue in addition to the others.

    Marian C - USA
  • Hi.

    I have just received my Leather Jacket , a few minutes ago, very prompt service, thank you. 

    The Jacket is fantastic, very good workmanship, high quality. You were right I am not disappointed.

    Thank You Again.

    Adrian P - USA
  • Thank you

    The Jacket is still going strong , love it !! 

    John B - UK


    The pilot shirts and trousers arrived all ok. And fit all perfectly.:-)

    many thanks for your help.


    Jason W



    Jason W, Pilot - Australia
  • Hi

    The shirts are great are great - exceeded my expectations on fit and quality.

    They took a little longer to arrive, but once I received them I was very happy with them, and will tell friends to order from you.


    Robert C, Pilot - Malaysia
  • Hi,

    I received the jacket tonight.

    The jacket is really nice, it is a perfect fit, colour and lining.
    Well done to your tailors and you for your great communications.

    Thanks again.

    Pat R, Dublin - Ireland
  • Shirts and trousers are great and as expected. Definitely will recommend to all my colleagues.

    I would definitely like to order three more short sleeves and three for winter with long sleeves and woolen trousers for winter. More less I did good measurement but I would like to make some minor changes. It seams that I didn't register somehow. do you by any chance have my measurement so that I can do this changes and order?

    Boris T, Pilot - Serbia
  • Hi,

    I have tried on the shirt, but not had to wear it on a trip yet. So far fit is great, and I'll let you know how I like it after I fly again in a couple weeks.

    Vacation time now!

    Wendy S, Pilot - USA
  • Yes thank you they (the shirts) are great!

    Jeff S, Pilot - USA
  • Hello,

    I love the new shirts! Will you please duplicate the exact shirt and place an order for 6 additional shirts for me? Just advise how I should pay.

    Thank you!

    Jeff D, Pilot - USA
  • Hi

    You guys have a good thing going here.

    Top quality job with my shirt purchase, thanks again.

    Raymond G, Australia
  • As airline pilots we spend 10-16 hours a day in uniform. Why torture myself with a blended fabric when I can get 100% cotton?

    It's lightweight and comfortable.

    The quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

    It's worth the money for custom made shirts that will last for years.

    I'm hooked!

    Hunter K, Pilot - USA
  • Good Morning,

    Michael has been on holiday and only returned to work yesterday.

    I've telephoned him about his comments and


    Alistair S, UK
  • Hi,

    Yes all good with the pilot shirts, thank you.

    Fit great and pleased with the quality.

    Thanks for your help

    Gary Y, Captain - UK
  • My custom made pants just arrived today.  They fit perfect!  I finally have a uniform that fits me. Sending the pants in to measure from worked great.

    We need to make some changes on my next order for shirts but I still that it fits me a lot better than than any pilot shirt that I've had.


    Titus M, Pilot - USA
  • The shirts arrived today.

    They are excellent.

    I will spread the word!!

    Thank you

    Johnny H, UK
  • First I would like to say that the shirts are wearing very well and I am very happy with them. My fellow colleagues were also impressed and may be ordering some for themselves.

    Michael S, Pilot - UK
  • I have received the shirts.  They fit beautifully. I am very happy with the quality and the fit.

    I shall be recommending you to anyone interested in a personal fitting service where I work.

    I can see how cool these shirts will be in the tropical environment of PNG and SE Asia that I mainly operate in.

    Thanks again.

    Michael W, Pilot - Australia
  • Many thanks for your email and yes I received the shirts today as you promised. 


    I am happy to confirm that they fit perfectly and I am extremely pleased with the quality of both the material and the craftsmanship. 


    The proof of course will be in the wearing over time, but hope these prove to be as good as they seem and so will be back to buy more. Let alone recommending to my fellow colleagues. 


    All the best


    Michael S, Pilot - UK
  • I have received the shirts and im happy with them thank you for your service 

    Captain Hussein S, Tanzania
  • I received my shirts today and want to thank you for your excellent customer service.

    The fit of these shirts is so far superior to any pilot shirt I've ever worn.

    I'm looking forward to wearing them.

    Thank you!

    Eric E, Captain - JetBlue
  • Hi.

    Tried the Shirts. Amazing. Very much comfortable. Perfect fitting.


    Neeraj J, Captain - Go Air
  • I love the shirts!  The fit is great and the shirts are the best quality and comfortable pilot shirts I've owned..I will definitely be purchasing more in the very near future!


    By the way, do you keep my measurements on file, or do I resubmit them each time I order?


    Thank you again, I am very satisfied!

    Captain Jeff S, Delta Airlines
  • They are terrific shirts. I’m certain I’ll order more in the future.


    Thank you for your work.



    Jim M, Pilot - USA
  • Hello,  I received the shirts today, thanks !


    The sleeves are a little bit wider then the previous ones, but that’s probably because

    I ‘ve requested them to be 0.25 inch longer (which they are, thanks).


    It’s still all okay and I’ll be happy to make a new order once these ones have worn out.

    Carolien L, Captain - Belgium
  • The shirts are beautiful. If I order any more, I should probably add a couple of inches in the waist as they are a bit snug, but that gives me an incentive to reduce my girth.

    Thanks for expediting the order.

    Adam B, Pilot - USA
  • The shirts are arrived and are fantastic.


    I will pass the word!


    Thank you and I would like to order three more, exactly the same as this order. Can we set that up?

    Captain Todd I, USA
  • I am happy with the shirts. Next time I order I might make a few small adjustments.


    Thank you for your good work.

    Titus M, Pilot - USA
  • The shirts just arrived on a late delivery from the post office.


    Thanks they look and fit very nice.

    Nadim J, Pilot - UK
  • Hello,

    I ordered shirts from you a while back. I love the way they fit and wanted to order more white short sleeve shirts, but wanted to use the dimensions I originally sent.

    Do you still keep the records of sales? I ordered them around November and my name is Madeline V.

    Thank you so much!

    Madeline V, Pilot - USA
  • Hello. I received the shirt. Thank you very much. This is a magnificent product. 

    Avetis Z, Spain
  • I received the shirts and I’m very satisfied with the result.

    I will wear the shirts in flight during the next weeks, to see if  they fit me perfectly during duty.  Perhaps I would make some minor adjustments for a next order (but maybe none at all !).

    The custom-made pockets are 100% perfect for me,  a big thank you for your patience , in answering all my questions.

    I’m very pleased with the result and I will make another order soon, for sure !   Very glad that the “100% polyester-days” are now nothing but a distant memory !

    If you want, I can also give you positive feedback to be put on your website, or maybe you can use this mail.

    Carolien L - Captain, Belgium
  • Wow! Great jacket,seller and shipping! I will definitely buy another.

    Cesar G - USA
  • Hi there. The jacket is every thing I had hoped for. I just wanted to say thank you.

    I'm over the moon with it and I have left you the best feed back I could think of.
    Thank you again and I wish you all the very best for the future.

    Kindest regards


    Adrian K, UK
  • I’ve just received the shirts.. I must say I am very pleased with them, especially with the “dobby cotton”.. the shirts look and feel of very high quality.

    The regular cotton shirts are also very nice.

    I shall order more in a few months.

    I hope you are well and that business is good!

    Thank you

    Hendrik J - Pilot UK
  • As usual your product is perfect. They came in today and I tried them on. They fit perfect. Thank you again. 


    Captain Michael H

    Michael H - Captain Delta
  • Hi

    Yes i received the jacket and tried it .  All great . 


    Mehmet S, Turkey
  • Hi, jacket arrived today fits just right im very pleased with it thank you. I would have no problem recommending your excellent service, thanks again.

    Regards,  Nick.

    Nick J, UK
  • I tried the new shirts and they fit beautifully, (except the one you mentioned which is a little off) but the rest are great.


    Thank you :-)



    Susan T, Pilot - UK
  • Thank you so very much for the leather jacket, you made for me, I am very satisfied with your work – a good job – maybe with a slightly wider belt, but it doesn´t matter. I am happy!

    You fulfill my wishes and I am grateful – thank you again!

    Jes L, Denmark
  • Many thanks for the shirts, they are perfect !

    For future information - what is the usual time from order to delivery ? I want to make sure I place my order well in advance.

    Many thanks, Chris

    Christopher M, Pilot - UK
  • Hi,

    I have ordered twice from WhitePilotShirts, and on both occasions the shirts were of excellent quality, tailor fitted and very comfortable. I love them, simply great, they fit perfectlyn look very appealing, and very pleased with them! I would definetely reccommend to others and re-purchase in the future! The service and communication are up to a very high standard.

    Many thanks!

    Imran V, Glasgow
  • hi

    i received the jacjket yesterday ; it's fine , very well done  . The size is perfect  

    i'm very happy  Thanks 

    Do you have a link for your web site to see in the future , another jacket   ? 


    T. Leleu - France
  • All ok and the jacket is beatiful

    Giovanni B - Italy
  • Your old shirts are serving me well.

    They are a good fit and I'm very happy with them.

    Just leaving Düsseldorf for Paris now.. 

    Colm C, Pilot - Ireland
  • Yes sir, the trousers are perfect. Thank you so much.

    Rakan A - USA
  • Your shirts are everything you say and more. They wear and wash perfectly, need minimal ironing, and look just great. Every pilot needs to check out your products.

    Steven W, Simulator Pilot - USA
  • Hi Amit,


    I tried the shirts and I am very happy with them, they fit perfectly.  Thank you very much.


    Did you keep a note of the new measurements? I would like to order some more next month.


    Best wishes,

    David H, Pilot - UK
  • Yes I received them on 08/11. They fit fine. Awaiting the final decision by the executives to place the order for the rest of the crew. Thank you.

    Capt. Kembert M, USA
  • Amit,

    Thanks for the email.

    I have been meaning to get in contact for a couple of weeks. I never made it to AeroExpo at Sywell this year.


    The shirts have been fabulous and I am looking to get some more. They wash up well and my wife likes ironing them. The tip about giving them a wash in Vanish before wearing  them for the first time was especially good advice.


    The only measurement that I feel that needs changing  would be the collar where I need a half size less. I seem to have lost a bit of weight. Otherwise the measurements from the original order are still fine.

    I would like 2 white short sleeved shirts and 1 long sleeved shirt.

    Christopher B, Pilot - UK
  • The shirts arrived and the fit & quality is excellent, so we are ordering 3 more.

    Sandra G, Pilot - USA
  • Very nice jacket Amit! Excellent fit, only the belt is a lil' high.

    The jacket is a bit thin, but okay for the warmer rides & some special occasions on my cafe racer.

    Like the colour too.

    Thank you very much, I really gonna like it more and more.

    Grtz, Henk

    Henk K, Netherland
  • Thanks, looks good and fits great... leather looks/feels nice --- 

    Matt D, USA
  • Hi,


    I am very happy with the shirts. Nice fabric and a good fit.

    Steve R, Pilot - NZ
  • Yes. Have checked the shirts.
    Thank you to for getting them ready really quick. Appreciate it greatly.
    Unquestionable quality as always.

    Capt N Kashyap, Go Air
  • Hello..


    Your shirt's fitting is really good!!

    Capt Rishika D, Pilot - Go Air
  • Yes thanks. I got the shirts on Wednesday and managed to iron one and wear it to fly on Thursday! 


    Love it. It fits well....looks good and is nicely made. Will recommend you....


    All the best

    Russell G - Pilot, UK
  • Hi,

    I have received the jacket today. It looks very nice.

    The waist line could have been a couple of inches tighter, but it does not take anything out of the quality it was made.

    Thanks a lot

    Luis B - London, UK
  • HI Guys sorry overseas so crazy time shifts

    Kayla loves her shirts when I ma back I’ll get some too


    Capt. Jan B, Australia
  • Thank you for the timely delivery. The shirts are nice. I didn't like the pen slot when i received the order. But it's not a problem.

    Aminath I, Captain - Maldives
  • Hello,


    I have received the shirts, and do enjoy wearing them. They are very comfortable. I will have an order for of at least five other pilots within two weeks. Working on getting their measurements for you at this time.


    Meanwhile, please let me know if you kept my measurements on record, as I would like to order three more shirts, in the color white.


    Thank you, and feel free to correspond via this email.

    Capt. Kembert M, USA
  • We wanted to let you know that the jacket arrived late this afternoon. It has been made beautifully, thank you very much.

    Dave S, UK
  • I can vouch for WhitePilotShirts and Amit. Your shirts were great to wear even in the war zone in Yemen last month other than routine flying.


    Thank you for making the time and making Fabulous Shirts. I love them.

    Captain Rishabh K, Air India
  • My shirts arrived today!

    At first glance the quality looks amazing. I am very happy with them. Thank you.

    I will get back to you in a month or two once I know how they are going.

    Thanks again,


    Richard T - Pilot, Australia
  • Hi, thank you for the shirts, which arrived last Thursday. A good quality product as per usual.


    Warmest regards



    Peter R - Flight Instructor, UK
  • Hello,


    Jacket arrived today. All OK. Thanks.



    Richard F, UK
  • Happy New Year to you too and Thank you for the quick delivery of the shirts.

    Kimball H, Pilot
  • Yeah juat got the leather jacket.

    Very happy with it. Thanks again

    Josh Z, Pilot
  • Shirts arrived. All perfect! Thanks for socks and bag! Happy new year!

    Murray G - Pilot
  • The jacket arrived today and it is perfect, thank you. The length is just what I wanted and the fit is very good. I'm looking forward to wearing it!

    Thanks again

    Mary S, UK
  • hi Amit, I've just tried one of the new shirts and it's very good.

    I have spotted a few of the slight changes. the fit is very nice.

    thank you also for the socks and the stripes !

    nice doing business with you all the best.

    Hendrik J - Pilot, UK
  • I just tried the trousers, it's very good,

    many thanks,

    perhaps I would order other shirts and trousers, can you send me samples of clothes ?

    Marc P - Paris
  • I wanted to let you know that I've already got the stuff with me it's very nice, thanks for your help.

    Marco D - Pilot
  • The shirts are fabulous, I m very pleased, I will order some more later in the year.

    Christabelle M - Instructor, UK
  • Hi, got the shirts yesterday they are the best shirts that i own

    thay are the best fit i own - good quality good buttons

    great shirts great fit !!

    thanks again

    hope to see you next time

    Adrian N - UK
  • I received the shirts and they are very good. I have to check the long sleeved shirt but I am sure it is great.


    I look forward to the trousers and will let you know when I get them.

    Oliver F - Cadet, UK
  • Shirts received- I really like them, worn them this weekend.


    Many thanks for the service.

    Christopher B, Pilot - UK
  • I have received the shirts, I'm very pleaded with them. 


    Great shirts !

    Neil P, Pilot
  • Just received the shirts, they are very nice.


    I will let my fellow pilots know about your services.


    I will be ordering 3 more shirts very soon maybe next week.


    Thanks again

    George A, Pilot
  • I received the shirts and the fit was correct. The length of the shirts were a little too long, came to the bottom of my butt, however, that does not really cause a problem.


    The craftsmanship was excellent and I really appreciate all that you did for me.


    Wishing you ever success in business.

    T L S, Pilot
  • I have recently received your pilot shirts and I really like them - very high quality and great fit :) . I would like to buy few more ?

    The shirt I bought was a short sleeve, white, male, pilot shirt.

    Christopher M, Cadet
  • Love the shirts!! They fit perfect! Do you make pants?

    Scott S, Pilot
  • My shirts arrived. I tried them on and was very very impressed. The craftsmanship is superb and I am very happy with the quality of the cloth and the fit. Thank you.


    Delta Air Lines

    Michael H - Delta Air Lines
  • Hi!
    I just recieved the shirts today. They fit beautifully, and i am very pleased :-) I look forward to flying with them, and I will definetly contact you again when I need new ones. 

    Martin W - Cadet, Norway
  • Shirts are great. Very nice quality and they fit well.

    The only thing I would like to change when I order more is to adjust how the left pocket is made. Is it possible to make the left pocket with a false flap with an opening into the pocket so I can easily slide a pair of sunglasses into the breast pocket?

    Other than that small change the shirts are great.

    David D, Pilot
  • I started wearing the full sleeve shirts as its winter now and i will be wearing the half sleeve after Feb next year.

    I really like your material and the stitching is top class.

    The shirt is just perfect as per my requirement. I will surely recommend to my colleagues.

    All the best to you. Keep in touch.

    Syed Z, Captain
  • Hi, Thanks very much for your support.

    I well received the shirts and they are excellent!

    Mark D, Airbus
  • I got the shirts today. They are fantastic, you guys have exactly replicated my favourite shirt. 100% Egyptian Cotton shirts are a lot more better than the blended ones.

    Any advice on washing and ironing them would be appreciated.

    Manish S, Pilot
  • The shirt is amazing and the first officer is not able to concentrate because of the shine :-)

    Rajit R, Chief Pilot
  • Received the shirts and they fit well.

    Think I will be back with you soon with another order.

    Benedikt H, Pilot - B747
  • The shirts are perfect. I am wearing it today.

    Mike - Pilot
  • Very good shirts, I tried them and they fit good.

    Jose O - Pilot
  • The shirts are good thank you.

    At this stage due to thickness of buttons, it is somewhat difficult to unbutton each button. I guess over time the material will loosen with washing and be easier to unbutton.

    Other than that, they fit quite well and I am happy with your product. Thanks again

    Paul L - Pilot
  • I am wearing the short sleeve shirt and it fits perfect. Good quality and stylish. Again thank you and I will be in touch for more.

    My colleagues are impressed too. You might get more offers. :)

    Martin H - Pilot
  • I received the collar spines today...loved them..I just wanted to say absolutely loved your shirts and would definitely call you for another batch soon...

    I love ur dedication towards your product as well.

    Adhish A, Captain
  • I wore the shirt today and it is very comfortable, it's great actually.

    My captain is going to be calling you soon for his shirts as well. Love the material very comfortable which is most important for me.

    Shivani S, Captain
  • Hi, I received the 6 white shirts this morning and they fit just fine. Thank you.
    My wife would like to know if you make ladies blouse too.

    Don P, Pilot
  • Hello, I received the shirt and I am very happy with my purchase. The material is great!
    Thank you very much for your help and I will be informing my coworkers and friends of your company.

    Caroline R, Pilot
  • The shirts are great. They have attracted many favorable comments, So I am really happy!
    Thanks a lot.

    Dorothy Pooley, Flight Instructor
  • Shirts received in good order...
    Excellent fit very pleased with them!

    Jeroen A, Pilot
  • Hello, My pilot shirts came in and I like them!
    I was wondering if you can make dress shirts? Can you give me a cost on 6 shirts?
    I will make the size a little different, my pattern is Scott 596 Thank you.

    Scott S, Pilot
  • The shirts are great.
    I would like to order 5 more as a trial for this month and we should be going ahead and order
    around 100 in the new year for the rest of the pilots.

    Aimee C, Co-ordinator
  • Hi, the shirt is great and fits perfectly.
    Please send the other three.
    Also, please save our measurements because I expect we will order more in the future.

    Steven J, Pilot
  • The shirts just arrived. I like them very much!
    My wife says that they have a nice hand and a nice drape.
    I will be sure to recommend your company to my frieands.

    Daniel W, Pilot
  • I was surprised when the hotel front desk said I had a package.
    I got the shirt and am very pleased.
    If I wanted to add an inch or two to the front to make it longer is there a new pattern fee.
    I will pass the word and will order more end of the month. Thanks very much for all you help.

    Bill K, Pilot
  • Thanks for checking.
    The shirt is good.

    LB, Pilot
  • My shirt arrived just a few moments ago and I just want to let you know that it looks and fits great.
    So much nicer than my other shirts and in a material and weight that I was hoping for.
    I am going to tell my colleagues about your website as they are dissatisfied with their shirts also.
    I shall be ordering more shirts soon.

    Geoff W, Pilot
  • I absolutely love the shirts. Should have ran into you earlier.
    I will be getting some more shirts with logo on them.
    Great Job !

    Bruce J, Pilot
  • Got the shirts last night. Love them.
    I'll be back for long sleeves in the fall.
    If you get some advertising stuff together, send it my way.
    Thanks again for everything.

    Chris, Pilot
  • Received my shirt and I wanted to thank you for providing one of the best shirts I have ever had!

    Thank you for providing such a great product!

    BS, Pilot
  • I just wanted to let you know that the shirts arrived today, and that I am very pleased with the result. The shirt fits perfectly, and the overall quality seems to be very good.

    I will not hesitate to recommend White Pilot Shirts to the rest of the students here at our flying school.

    Borge L - Cadet, Norway
  • I've been able to wear the shirts for some time now, and they are every bit as good as expected. The fit and fabric is both great!

    I will not hesitate to recommend your site and services. Thanks for quick, professional and informative answers along the way.

    Christian P - Cadet, Norway
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